The Facility for Advanced Spatial Technology is a collaborative and interdisciplinary spatial analysis, cartography, and geovisualization teaching laboratory that forms the core of geospatial teaching activities on the Downtown Campus at the University of Colorado Denver. The FAST is sustained by a long-standing partnership between the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) and the College of Architecture and Planning (CAP) and receives additional support from the Auraria Library, the College of Engineering and Design Computing (CEDC), the School of Public Affairs (SPA), and the School of Education and Human Development (SEHD).

This interdisciplinary laboratory provides students with access to industry-leading geospatial faculty, staff, professionals, and fellow peers from more than twenty departments across the University and operates as one of the most robust geospatial teaching facilities in the Colorado Front Range.

Our physical location is:

  • 5th floor, North Classroom Building
  • Suite 5032-C
  • 1200 Larimer Street
  • Denver, CO 80217-3364

Map of Auraria Campus with FAST Lab location identified in North Classroom Building    Map of the North Classroom Building with the FAST Lab location identified on the 5th floor

Credit: Maps created using ArcGIS Online.  Esri basemap.

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Student Geospatial Consultants

Abner Ramos - Consultant I - Master of Urban and Regional Planning candidate

Abner holds a Bachelor degree in Geography with a focus in Urban Studies and Planning that was completed here at CU Denver. He has also completed an undergraduate GIS certificate this past spring which he hopes to apply during the fall as he starts a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning. Originally from Southern California, Abner has now been living in Colorado for 7 years and is still making his way to all of the scenic spots in Colorado. He is also excited to talk about anything related to soccer and running as those are his preferred hobbies. His interest in outdoor scenery and activities has Abner focused GIS methods that help him better understand the location and use of green spaces in and around urban spaces. 

Adison Quinn Petti - Consultant II - Master of Urban and Regional Planning candidate

Adison holds an Associates degree in Psychology and a Bachelors degree in Feminist and Gender Studies and Political Science from Colorado College, where he focused on queer anti-racism. These topics drew hym to GIS through a critical geography lens and help drive hys commitment to justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity in FAST. Adison is prepared to answer questions for Esri ArcMap and ArcPro, including geospatial assignments in GIS for Planners, Planning Studio, Planning Methods, and Planning Development. Adison will  be creating GIS video tutorials to assist student learning this fall. In addition to technical consulting, Adison is happy to discuss how geospatial methods or scholarship apply to your project or discipline.  Hy is also a performance artist and has 2 cats.

Software experience: ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro

Adison's digital portfolio

Aletha Spang - Consultant I - Master of Landscape Architecture candidate

Aletha Spang is a third-year Master of Landscape Architecture candidate at the University of Colorado Denver. With a background in Biology from Roger Williams University and experience teaching with Denver Public Schools, Aletha strongly believes in supporting ecological systems and sharing knowledge. Aletha is passionate about using space to support everyday experiences that empower communities in moving towards a more equitable future. Outside of school, Aletha enjoys being outdoors, playing music, and reading.

Devin Arnold - Consultant I - pursuing a Master of Environmental Sciences

Devin is a current graduate student in the MS of Environmental Sciences program, and pursuing a certificate in GIS. She received a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from CSU Long Beach, although she starting her undergrad journey originally at CSU Monterey Bay. Her greatest passion is in outdoor recreation, and through her time exploring outdoor spaces around the world, she decided to pursue an education that incorporates her love of spatial awareness, the environment, and her mathematical problem solving skills. She hopes to eventually fall into a career utilizing GIS technology within conservation and restoration work.

Ismaiel Elsayed - Consultant I

Ismaiel is currently completing his bachelor's degree in Geography with a focus on environment, society, and sustainability here at CU Denver. As well as working towards the completion of his undergraduate GIS certificate and Sustainable Urban Agriculture certificate. While Ismaiel's interest in GIS are still somewhat broad he has a passion to align GIS and ecology with one another. To enhance through the uniqueness of GIS data to better understand the actual affects organisms can have on other organisms as well as the environment and the ways in which each can be similar with one another as well as critically different within a specific place on earth. 

Rodrick Steven Schubert - Lead Consultant - pursuing a Master of Humanities

Rodrick Steven Schubert, rod, is in the Master of Humanities program at the University of Colorado Denver, currently finishing his thesis. It examines the concept of Imperium Romanum as a managerial philosophy for large areal control which begins in a cosmopolitan worldview. Besides finishing up his thesis, Schubert is supplementing the initial certificate-required studies with additional GIS and digital content delivery course work. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver and is one-half of a parenting team that helped three young folks along as they found their way toward adulthood in our shared world. Anthony, Anna, and Michael are his truest joy.

Rod's interest and excellence lie particularly in literature, history, and design. In 2016, he and Professor Omar Swartz, Ph.D., J.D. gave an award-winning presentation, titled "Tradition and Transformation in Jane Addams’ New Federalism: Creating Community Sphere by Empowering Municipalities."  This presentation, in 2019, was published as a book chapter in Activism and Rhetoric: Theories and Contexts for Political Engagement, edited by Jong Hwa and Seth Kahn, published by Routledge. Rod's philosophy is that learning comes about when we collaborate in the process of discovering the world around us, digital or otherwise, as a community of learners.

Software experience: ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, ENVI, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, R, RStudio

rod's digital portfolio

FAST Full-Time Staff

Woman smiling with sunglasses on her head in a purple jacket holding a salmon with a pink fly int its mouth against a river

Jenn Ambrose - Coordinator

Jenn received her Graduate GIS Certificate from the University of Colorado, Denver in the spring of 2020 after a decade-long hiatus from higher education.  After completing her undergraduate degree in Geography from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2010, she taught experiential education in the US and abroad, opening up the lives of students to the magic of rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and backpacking.  After a few years spending more nights in a tent than under a roof, she transitioned into a fantastic rhythm of guiding throughout the Alexander Archipelago of Southeast Alaska during the summers and doing fisheries research on Coastal Chinook salmon on the Oregon Coast in the winters.

These experiences brought her back to GIS.  Jenn believes that maps are vital to fostering curiosity about a place, and that they encourage folks to extend beyond their comfort zones to explore topography, thematic phenomenon, or spatial patterns.

FAST Advisory Committee Members

Diane Fritz, Ph.D.

Geospatial Services Specialist at Auraria Library

Austin Troy, Ph.D.

Professor & Chair of Urban and Regional Planning Department

Esther Sullivan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in Sociology Department

Rafael Moreno, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Department of Geography & Environmental Sciences

Stephanie Kelly

Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration for the College of Architecture and Planning