Individual Sponsors:

There are various types and levels of sponsorship for the Denver Metro Regional Science and Engineering Fair (DMRSEF), which are 100% tax deductible.

General Fund Sponsorship:

These sponsors generously provide funds for the general operation and general scholarships provided by the DMRSEF. These funds are corporately and privately given either through donations or grants in any amount.

Scholarship Sponsorship:

These sponsors provide scholarships in their name to students usually within a designated category. Many of these sponsors are also General Fund Sponsors.

Special Award Sponsorship:

These sponsors provide gifts, certificates, and other awards in their name to a specified group of students. These awards cover very specific criteria as required by the sponsor. Within the Special Award Sponsorship the awards are broken into three main levels: Intel ISEF Sponsored Awards (these awards come directly to us through our affiliation with the Intel ISEF), Military Sponsored Awards, and Colorado Organizations & Individuals Sponsored Awards.

Volunteer Sponsorship:

These sponsors are organizations, clubs, companies, educational institutions, colleges and departments, etc. that graciously provide judges and volunteers or allow their employees time off to serve as a judge or volunteer.

In-Kind Sponsorship:

These sponsors provide a service or equipment free of charge to the DMRSEF.


If you are interested in contributing to the fair, please contact:

Erin Golden, PhD