Check back soon for information on the 2020 fair season!

$35 per person/team member if registered before the early registration deadline (date to be determined).

$45 per person/team member if registered after the early registration deadline (date to be determined).

Extensions: There will be no registration deadline extensions granted. (If your fair does not judge until after our deadline, we recommend you encourage all students who are interested in competing at the Regional Fair to go ahead and register. Schools can then pay for or reimburse the student registration when local winners are determined.)

Abstract: There is a 250 word limit for an abstract, which is used by category and special awards judges to review prior to juding your project. Official Abstracts (as stated in the 2018-2019 Rules and Guidelines) are only for projects that will be competing at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Those official abstracts are given to students at Intel ISEF in May 2019.

Forms: There are several forms that must be uploaded to compete in the Science Fair. You will need to print the forms, fill out the forms, then scan them and then upload in the section below. Remember to keep all originals and bring them with you to the fair.

Another mandatory form that must be signed & completed is the University of Colorado Participant Notice of Risk and Waiver. Please have your parent or guardian print, sign, and attach to your registration. Click here to download the form.

Only .doc or .pdf forms will be accepted. It is very simple to take a picture with a smart phone and create a pdf.

Visit THIS LINK  for app suggestions.

Please name your forms in the following manner:

Student Last Name_ Student First Name _ Form Title.pdf

Example: Smith_Jane_Form1B.pdf