Day-of fair details for teachers, chaperones, and parents:

Each school is scheduled to arrive at a specified time - please comply with this schedule to help alleviate traffic congestion at the entrance of the Lola & Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center. Scheduled arrival times apply to buses as well as those arriving by car.

  • 8:30 a.m. - All high school projects (Senior Division)
  • 9:00 a.m. - (Junior Division) Academy Charter School, Bradford Intermediate, Bromley East Charter School, Campus Middle School, Challenge Middle School, Christ the King Roman Catholic School, Crescent View Academy, Crown Pointe Academy, Escuela de Guadalupe, Foundations Academy, Girls Athletic Leadership School, Woodrow Wilson Academy
  • 9:30 a.m. - (Junior Division) Frassati Catholic Academy, Free Horizon Montessori, Friends Middle School, Good Shepherd Catholic School, Heritage Heights Academy, Hope Academy, John E. Flynn Academy, Liberty Middle School, Notre Dame Catholic School, Omar D Blair Charter School, Skinner Midddle School, SkyView Academy, St Catherine of Siena, West Middle School



  • Teachers / Parents / Guests: We recommnd that you park in the Tivoli Parking Garage, which costs $7 for the full day. Credit card payments are made at the first floor kiosks. Please note that you will need your license plate number when paying. Parking is also available in the 7th Street Garage and can be paid in cash.
  • Buses: Please alert DMRSF staff if your students will be arriving by bus. Bus parking is available in the Elm lot between 5th and 7th St., off Walnut St.

Auraria Campus Parking Map: View PDF



  • Students, Teachers, and Chaperones should proceed directly to the gymnasium on the 2nd Floor of the Student Wellness Center. Students should set up project(s) at their pre-assigned location(s). Project packets with further instructions will be ready at the project location.
    • Project Table Map: View PDF
    • If your student has a “STOP” sign at their table, they will need to speak with the SRC before setting up. Please proceed to the SRC interview area on the 1st floor of the Wellness Center.
  • After set-up, projects will be reviewed by our Display & Safety Inspectors. Once your student passes this inspection, please accompany them to the Information Desk to turn in their Ready Card in exchange for a lunch ticket.
  • At the Information Desk, Teachers/Chaperones will need to sign a CU Waiver and Chaperone Checklist, as well as obtain their name badge and lunch ticket.
  • Please ensure that all of your students turn in their Ready Cards and get lunch tickets before leaving the gymnasium. After morning set up and inspection is complete, proceed to the Student Commons Building for our hands-on STEM Outreach and Activities Fair.
  • Lunch will be served in the Student Commons Building (SCB) at noon. A lunch ticket is required.
    • High school student and chaperone lunch: SCB 1500
    • Middle school student and chaperone lunch: SCB 2600
  • We have designated a room in the Wellness Center for prayer. Please speak to a volunteer for more information.
  • Students should return to the Wellness Center Gymnasium at 1PM for judging. Teachers and Chaperones are not allowed in the gym at this time and are invited to return to the Student Commons Building to wait.
  • Teachers/Chaperones will be invited to view projects beginning at 3:30 PM. Please be aware that judging will still be underway at this time and that we reserve the right to adjust our schedule accordingly. When viewing student projects.
    • Be mindful that judging will still be taking place and step aside if a fair judge needs to interview a student.
    • Please do not visit your child’s/student’s project or projects from your student’s school.
    • Please do not visit projects in large groups as to not overwhelm students
  • The fair is scheduled to adjourn at 5PM; however, we will continue until judging is complete so please plan accordingly. If you choose to leave early, your students will be ineligible for category awards. Upon dismissal, students must take all project materials with them.