Published: Aug. 19, 2020

CSC Listening Session Debrief

First Impressions

  • Want interaction with the dean
    • However in past, staff have not attended the Faculty and Staff Forum.
      • Variety of reasons for this:
        • the meeting isn't geared toward staff
        • staff may not be allowed to take time away from job to attend
        • staff may not feel comfortable requesting time to attend 
    • Ideas to improve staff attendance to a meeting with staff & dean:
      • Invitations to speak with dean separately from faculty
      • If not meeting with dean, perhaps associate dean of faculty and staff development - Kathleen Bollard
  • Shifting the Campus Culture for staff
    • How do we shift that culture?
      • Perhaps invite staff to a virtual town hall someone who specializes in culture change
      • Recognition distinct from faculty 
      • Welcome packet with FAQ, Org chart, etc

What do we do with the information?

  • Ideas:
    • Multi-pronged approach- 
      • Communications - send out update to all staff
        • Summary of all of the points    
        • Interim CSC Bylaws - Send those out to all staff for review and vote

How do we bring these concerns to leadership?

  • Morale & Recognition
  • Dean’s Notes - profile staff as well
    • Featured in September for elections and nominations
  • Engage Kathleen Bollard
  • Recognizing milestones
    • Central HR may have started something - certificate, then breakfast 
    • CONSISTENT Recognition of work anniversaries
    • Maybe a card to send out to all staff to say thank you

Future Ideas/Recommendations for addressing concerns:

  • Staff Survey to get more information from all staff
  • Kathleen attend future meetings - if her schedule permits it
  • Future staff achievements listed in Dean's Notes
  • More widespread work climate changes addressed

CSC Interim Bylaws

  • Bylaws - not gonna get lots of staff participation - busy time of year 
  • Need to get out anyway, because this year will be difficult anyway
  • Invite staff to review and make suggestions with email that goes out by August 24th

CSC Listening Sesssion Debrief  Meeting - 8.13.2020 - 1:30-3:00pm
In attendance:

  • Angie 
  • Sandra
  • Carri
  • Elly
  • Karen