Published: June 6, 2020


CLAS Staff Council 6/5/2020, 3:00-4:30PM

Via Zoom due to covid-19

In attendance: Laura Cuellar-Franco, Kelly Stritzinger, Carri Boothe, Sarah Thompson, Sandra Quinn, Sulastri Carr, Karen Fennell, Angela Beale, Sothary Chea, Elly Lewis, JoAnn Porter (In advisory capacity/Not on CLAS Staff Council) Dean Pamela Jansma, Associate Dean Kathleen Bollard*


  1. Call Meeting to Order


  1. Introduction of Dean Jansma and Associate Dean Bollard


  1. Introduction of Staff Council Members 
  2. Introduce Committees and accomplishments
    1. Professional Development Committee: Two awardees for Professional Development Funds
    2. Website was up and running by October, soon after our first Staf Council meeting
    3. Work Climate and Outreach Committee – conducted successful survey and hosted the December Cookie Exchange, which had 13 attendees. In the future we have decided to hold events on a day of the week aside from Friday to improve attendance.
    4. Future Goals We need to hold full staff elections as soon as possible. We also prioritize listening to staff.  
    5. * Dean Jansma and Associate Dean Bollard thanked the Council for work and left the Zoom Chat.
  3. Questions: Should we have elections now?
    1. We will add to next meeting agenda Safe to return team.
  4. General Announcements
    1. Angela Beale-stepping down as Vice-Chair - stepping down as vice chair for the remainder of this term – however long that may be



  1. General Council Discussion
    1.  Fostering a diverse and inclusive environment (see attachment)
      1.  Elly


  1. Meeting structure – Introduction of Robert’s Rules
    1. Guidelines to run the meetings – Definition of positions:
      1. Chair -Position of objectivity that allows for dissenting views. Chair sets the guidelines for the discussion – time limit for comments, guidelines for people to speak multiple times to allow for people to speak up. Comments are directed to Chair, and if comments begin to go off track or personal, the Chair will repeat the matter at hand to stay on track. Chair also serves as a tiebreaker in a vote. Chair ensures discussion items are added to the agendas; and makes sure that the discussion revolves around that item, without changing to another subject. If another issue comes up, the Chair has the power to add the new item to the current or future agenda.
      2. Vice-Chair – Backup; sits in for Chair when Chair is unable to do so.
      3. Treasurer – Maintains and updates fiscal transactions for the Council. Gives updates at meetings.
      4. Secretary – Maintains minutes, updates website, handles communications, sends out agenda, meeting dates & times. If sees that someone is trying to get attention – step in and say acknowledge


  1. Transition & Planning Discussion 
    1. Call for all officer nominations during transition period after 7/1
      1. Interim officers only – Transitionary period between 7/1 and when the full CLAS Staff vote to elect members
      2. Send nominations for interim officers with name and position in your email to Elly – Please send by Wednesday, June 10th, and she will create a digital ballot. Ballots will be available for a vote for a period
      3. Officer roles for vote are: Chair, Vice, Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer


  1.  Continuation of council work during summer through the transition
    1. Those who are elected will help facilitate the election in the fall
    2. No decision on when the fall elections will be today.
  2. Possible orientation for council members to familiarize committee member code of conduct
    1. After the transition team and period
    2. Funding for team building and activities?
    3. Using Robert’s Rules of Rules of Conduct for Code of Conduct as of this meeting
    4. There was general support for this idea.
  3. Open future meetings to other staff members who have expressed interest
    1. We will be including all CLAS staff through the interim period and set goals based on the wider staff input



  1. Planning All CLAS Staff Meeting Discussion 
    1. Date for a meeting with all CLAS staff – Quickly as possible
      1. Mechanism for broader staff – Transition committee meet throughout the summer and make recommendations for the all staff meeting as soon as possible.
      2. The sooner the better to listen to the needs of all staff


  1. Budget Status update
    1. Sulastri-Budget update and status on remaining funds
      1. $5,000 total to start; need to close out the remaining funding.
    2. Professional Development Funding – Special case for Anne Marie Summers
      1. Anne Marie’s application was approved prior to the pandemic for an epidemiology conference. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the conference was canceled. Anne Marie notified the Professional Development Committee of the cancelation but requested permission to be able to transfer the funds toward paying the student fees associated with taking a CU Denver course that are excluded from the tuition benefit. Her email with explanation of how the course would further her professional development was read to the Council, and a vote was held.
      2. Majority voted to grant this one-time exception; with 2 abstaining, and 1 absent– Anne Marie’s case will be granted due to these unique circumstances.
    3. Visa Gift cards – We will send out an email to the gift card winners to let them know that the cards are theirs, but locked in the building until we can access it.


  1. Remaining Budget Brainstorm
    1. Can’t use it for Emergency fund for staff.
    2. Should use it for things we may know we need – Ideas suggested:
      1. Swag
      2. Tabling
      3. Banner
      4. Computer-related equipment
    3. We will vote by email. Send suggestions to Elly by Monday, June 8th,  2020 for her to create a final vote in Qualtrics.
    4. Staff Council Budget allocation of $5,000 will continue into the next fiscal year.


  1. New Business
    1. Elly will send out a Doodle Poll for our next CLAS Staff Council Meeting.