Published: Feb. 14, 2020

Meeting Minutes

In attendance:

  1. Angela Beale
  2. Carri Boothe
  3. Sulastri Carr
  4. Sandra Quinn
  5. Sothary Chea
  6. Francine Olivas Zarate
  7. Christine
  8. Rachel
  9. Laura Cuéllar Franco
  10. Elly Lewis
  11. Karen Fennell
  12. Sarah Thomas

Laura - handouts and discussion

  • There has been a lack of respect between colleagues at past meeting
  • Review of university policy re: respect


  • Delayed pending edits from Kathleen Bollard. Depending on the extent of edits, Angie will make changes and send to Laura and Chris Puckett for approval – then we will send to JoAnn Porter and we will start the election process

Election Process

  • Election form put together – if someone self-nominates it will use logic to direct them one way; vs nominates others
  • 12 seats available advertised to all CLAS staff
  • Someone independent of Council will run the elections to maintain fairness
  • People may vote once for up to 12 seats
  • All current members are up for election
  • Asking for 1-year commitment with opportunity to serve for 4 terms

Budget Update

  • Started with $5,000; on-budget so far
  • Possibility of putting out professional development funds for 10 individuals
  • 3 gift cards for individuals that completed survey will be purchased and distributed
  • Cookie social spent less than $100

Microsoft Teams Training

  • Messaging platform under Microsoft 365
  • Faster route is going – all programs accessible
  • Anybody can create a team – a hub of people – anyone who is invited can participate in communication via messaging, channels, documents/files, post (running conversation)
  • Committees have individual channel
  • Can converse with team throughout the day
  • Notebook is hub for notes – can be structured formally, or informally as a reference
  • For example channels: faculty, front desk, work study projects, larger group
  • Training link available from Microsoft. Sothary will send out.
  • Do not put FERPA info online
  • Use Teams not Slack

Survey Debrief

  • Responses - What will we do with information?
    • Shuffle responses before we send
    • Upload to website and send link in email to staff
  • Reactions: Pleasant surprise at the positive results
  • Standout ideas
    • Professional Development -  desire for professional development growth, but sense of confusion as to where to begin
    • Job flexibility - Provost sent out message re: flexibility by department judgment – CLAS has specific guidelines that were sent out to Chairs/Supervisors – Dean’s Office is supportive, however it is ultimately up to the department
      • Will send out in next communication with a post on the website

Spring Forum – Karen

  • Committee got together to discuss Spring Forum – draw on the results of the spring forum – how do we facilitate this?
    • Struggles
      • Potential times/days – Thursdays 9-11
      • Space
        • Q: Did we look at AHEC Space?
      • Tentative reservation for Terrace Room but $300 fee for that room: April 23rd; (possibly April 9th, but will depend on what’s available – Dean’s meeting (will change
      • please make an effort to sit with someone else
        • Facilitate with quiz
      • What does it look like?
        • Keynote speaker - future
        • Workshops - future
        • Townhall – this year
  • May 7th Anschutz Spring Forum – Have workshops, keynotes – Can we coordinate with University Staff Council?
  • Discussion of possibly not having spring forum -If we don’t have this – could free up funds for professional development
    • This is what we are focusing on – what else can we do? In RSVP on website?
    • If money were not an issue, what can we do?
    • Interactivity – smaller group break off
  • Changed idea to a Townhall for feedback
  • Sharing feedback: app: Mentimeter – login through phone – access code in the room- to survey the room
    • Have laptops available so folks can participate
    • Pre-set next set of questions
  • Total staff numbers: 50-65 (109 total, but not everyone will come)
  • Opening remarks from leadership? Dean? Kathleen Bollard? (Dean for faculty & staff)
  • Update on funding to awardees
    • Presentation on ideas for Professional Development
    • Presentation of Council and what we do
  • Future workshop (not this year – how to ask your chair for funding)

Professional Development

  • Please share ideas you may have for professional development activities, events, etc. via email with Elly
  • The professional development team will meet to review the 3 applications we have at the end of February
  • Frequency of asking for applications – once a month, perhaps increasing later if we don’t get enough applications.
  • Need for Professional development apparent from the results of the survey. Good opportunity for us to serve our colleagues within CLAS Staff.
  • Future workshop (not this year – how to ask your chair for funding)


What’s next:

  • Karen will look into AHEC space
  • Sulastri will send out communication with link to survey results & also a reminder of the
  • Elly will help make a silly quiz for checkin – work with Karen
  • Angie will help search for space on or around April 9th
  • Sothary send out communication re: flexibility policy within departments and add to website.


PA Meetings – should be open meetings  - generally speaking, open meetings – open meetings immediately