Published: Jan. 24, 2020
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01.09.2020 – January CLAS Staff Council Meeting


January CLAS Staff Council Meeting Notes

  1. Kelly Stritzinger
  2. Sandra Quinn
  3. Elly Lewis
  4. Angela Beale
  5. Sothary Chea
  6. Carri Boothe
  7. Karen Fennell
  8. Sulastri Carr


Recorded by Elly Lewis

Introduction to Bylaws

University Council has approved our use of their bylaws through Michelle Larson Creek; however, there may be edits that we need to make. Members were encouraged to speak up and participate and give valued feedback during the review of the bylaws.

Bylaw Review Process

During the bylaw review, the Council decided as a group to pull up the latest bylaws draft document on a member’s laptop and use track changes to note any changes made to the document. The document will then be attached with the meeting minutes for review prior to the next Council meeting.[1]


The Council decided to review the draft of the bylaws section by section, with a council member noting any of the changes electronically.

Creation of the Nomination/Election Committee

Per Article V Section 2 of the bylaws, the council formed a nomination/election committee. As stated in the bylaws, the Vice Chair of the Executive Committee was appointed as the Chair of the Nomination/Election Committee.

Two other committee members volunteered to be on the nomination/election committee as well: Sandra Quinn and Karen Fennell.

The current nomination/election committee is thus:

  1. Angela Beale – Chair
  2. Sandra Quinn
  3. Karen Fennell


Nominations/Elections Discussion

Questions from Nominations/Elections Discussion:

  • Does staff member need supervisor approval to serve on the Council?
  • What do nomination forms look like and how do we accept them?
    • Form should have a character limit – perhaps 1,000-2,000
    • Have nominees identify which subcommittees they feel may be a good fit
    • Done digitally
  • What do ballots look like?
    • Digital ballots that note that the current members of the group are members of a task force rather than the first Council.
    • Everyone has an equal chance


Voting for executive committee will be done by the newly elected Council members.


Nomination & Voting Dates

The Council agreed that we need to be thinking head for nomination and voting to occur quickly and efficiently. Procedure for nominations and elections in place soon.

Timing of nominations/elections: Process should begin in February so if a staff member does not get on the CLAS Staff Council, they have an opportunity to nominate for University Council.

  • Timeframe for nominations: 2-week period
  • Timeframe for voting: 1-week period


Nominations in February with a 2-week period for nominations, and 1-week period for elections.


Clarifying Current Role of Council

Since the current members of the CLAS Staff Council (CSC) have not yet been officially elected to our position by the staff at-large, we currently will refer to our group as a Task Force. The Task Force’s goal is to set the Council up for success upon the next elections.


This is a transitional phase that will last until July 1st, when the new members will form the first year of the fully elected CLAS Staff Council.



Coming Up

During our next meeting in February, we will review the bylaws one more time.

Suggested Modifications[2]

Article & Section

Old text

New text


Article III Section 1 & 2

Article III: Section 1. Mission

Article III Section 1. Mission & PurposeThe purpose of CLAS Staff Council is to

Combined Article III’s sections to one cohesive section – combined. Mission & Purpose together & added sentence for cohesion

Article IV Section A: b


As well as classified or university staff working retirees.”

Added working retirees to membership & definitions

Article IV Section B: a

CLAS Staff Council Members shall consist of 15 members


CLAS Staff Council Members shall consist of 15 members, as elected in accordance with Article V, Section 2

Linked membership to the elections/nominations in Article V

Article IV Section B: 3

In order to ensure …will be made to ensure that there is a balanced representation of classified staff; university staff;

all efforts will be made to recruit a balanced representation of classified staff; university staff;


Changed verb to reflect efforts but not guarantee

All sections and articles

Listing bylaw sections by 1., 2., 3., etc.

a. b. c. d

For consistency, change all numerals to letters, or vice versa

Article VII Section a & b

3 absences in a service

Absence from more than 25% of the official CLAS Staff Council meetings within a service year….



Changed from a specific number of absences to percentage of missing meetings for removal from the committee


b. Direct mailing removed

c. third week in March-> February

j. appointing authority & 10 days for nominees to respond

k. begin term on the 2nd Tuesday of May.

L. staff members

b. Added self-nominations are welcome

c. Added C ballots distributed by email in third week in February

h. added open seats

j. changed to CLAS Dean and changed candidates must notify within 5 days of election rather than 10

k. term begins on July 1

l. Staff council members expected to serve a one-year term – added - additional consecutive terms do not require re-election

Various changes to clarify election and nomination processes.

Article VI

C. Nominating committee at the regular April meeting

d. ballot is presented at the May meeting. Voting occurs at or before the June meeting. New Officers preside at the May meeting.

Addition: a. CLAS Staff Council officer elections are held in August of each year.

c. regular July meeting

d. A ballot is presented at the August meeting. Voting occurs at or before the August meeting. New Officers preside at the September meeting.



Article VIII Section 5


Added the role of the Communication Officer – as well as corresponding duties

Added additional role to the roster of the Executive Committee




Next Steps





Send bylaw edits with the track changes to Angela Beale



Distribute the bylaws to the Council

Before February meeting


Send out survey results in February

February meeting

All committee members

Review bylaws and send feedback

January 24th

All committee members

Vote on bylaws

January 28th


Meet as needed for updates to ongoing projects









[1] Because of this, many of the minutes will refer to the Bylaws draft available in the OneDrive folder, CLAS Staff Council.

[2] This list is does not include all of the edits to the bylaws. Some edits to the bylaws may be present in the bylaws draft document itself. Please refer to the Bylaws document for all changes.