Graduate Social Justice Track Courses

Core Master of Humanities or Master of Social Science Requirements
Required Core MSS courses
SSCI 5020 Foundations and Theories in Interdisciplinary Social Science (every fall)
SSCI 5013 Methods and Practices in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (every spring)
SSCI 5023 Research Perspectives in the Social Sciences (every spring)


Required Core MH courses
HUMN 5025 Foundations and Theories in Interdisciplinary Humanities (every fall)
HUMN 5013 Methods and Practices of Interdisciplinary Humanities (every spring)
HUMN 5924 Directed Research and Readings in Interdisciplinary Humanities (every spring)

Social Justice Track Requirements

  1. In addition to the program’s core requirements, a minimum of 12 credit hours of social justice related courses, and
  2. A final project or thesis on a social justice topic must be completed successfully.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that students in this track take at least one quantitative and/or one qualitative research methods course as part of their plan of study. There are quantitative and qualitative methods courses offered in Anthropology, Environmental Science, Political Science, Sociology, and Research, Evaluation, and Statistical Methodology (RESM), which can be approved by a student’s program. Pre-approved electives are listed below and may change depend on department offerings. Other courses may qualify but must be approved by the Directors of the Program.