A minor in Spanish requires 15 credit hours of upper division courses. A minimum of one course 3 credit hours is required from the Culture and Civilization category. The remaining 12 credit hours can be chosen from any of the four listed categories: Culture and Civilization, Literature of Spanish or Spanish America, Language Skills and Theory, or the 4000 Level courses.

Admission and Grade Requirements

Students minoring in Spanish must maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.3, and a GPA of 2.5 in Spanish. The minimum grade acceptable in courses applied to the minor is C (2.0). No course taken on a pass/fail basis may be credited toward the minor in Spanish.
Upon declaring a minor in Spanish, each student will be assigned to a faculty advisor, with whom the student should consult at least once per semester thereafter. It is important that students minoring in Spanish have their transcripts reviewed by a departmental advisor before enrolling in their final 15 credit hours at UC Denver, to preclude a delay in graduation. Students presenting four years of high school Spanish (Level IV) for admission, Advanced Placement credits from high school or CLEP credits should see a Spanish advisor about course equivalencies before enrolling in courses for the major. 

For detailed information please download the Spanish Minor Flyer


Spanish Undergraduate Advisors (Assigned alphabetically by student's last name)

Devin Jenkins, Chair, Study Abroad Advisor                             Plaza Building, Room 118 R              303-315-7236

Andrés Lema-Hincapié  Last names ending in A-F                  Plaza Building, Room 118 B              303-315-7226

Alyssa Martoccio  Last names ending in G-O                          Plaza Building, Room 118 E              303-315-7228

Maria Fernandez Martinez  Last names ending in P-Z            Plaza Building, Room 118 A              303-315-7247