The Department of Modern Languages offers an undergraduate Certificate in Spanish for International Business for students seeking an academic credential showing that they are prepared to meet the challenges of doing business in the Spanish-speaking world.

This certificate is available to all students across the University, as well as non-degree-seeking business professionals with a prior degree who are seeking to increase their skill set and value in the international marketplace.

Requirements for the Certificate

The certificate requires a total of twelve (12) credit hours of coursework, as follows:

Take these two (2) courses:

  • SPAN 3700 Spanish for International Business I
  • SPAN 3710 Spanish for International Business II

Take any two (2) courses from the following list:

  • SPAN 3213 Contemporary Latin American Culture and Institutions
  • SPAN 3223 Contemporary Spanish Culture and Institutions
  • SPAN 3782 Introduction to Translation I
  • SPAN 3792 Introduction to Translation II

Variable topics courses (e.g. SPAN 2130 or SPAN 3225) whose specific topic is applicable to Spanish for International Business can be applied to the certificate with advisor approval.
NB: SPAN 2120 (or equivalent proficiency) is a pre-requisite for all SPAN courses numbered 3xxx.

A minimum grade of C or higher must be earned in each of the four courses, and the minimum overall GPA for the four courses must be a 3.0. All credits for the certificate must be earned at the University of Colorado Denver.

You must complete the Application for the Certificate (Application for Certificate in Spanish Inernational Business). This requires an unofficial transcript from CU Denver showing that you are a current undergraduate student, or a copy of former transcripts indicating an undergraduate degree has been previously granted. This must be completed prior to completing the coursework (and applying for graduation, if you are a degree-seeking student) for the certificate.

To begin coursework, non-degree-seeking students will need to apply to the University as a non-degree seeking student. Once accepted, they will be able to enroll in all of the appropriate classes. To apply, visit the university's Non-Degree Admissions page.