Incomplete Coursework

The Department of Modern Languages (DML) adheres to the UC Denver uniform grading policy in its administration of grades for incomplete coursework.

The following information will help students understand the specific criteria which must be met before an instructor may issue a grade of incomplete to a student.

Philosophy behind an incomplete

A student, who is performing well in a course, suffers an unpredictable emergency near or at the end of the semester. This emergency prevents the student from satisfactorily completing the course. That student takes a brief leave of absence from the course to settle the outside business and then returns promptly (usually within a semester but no longer than a year) to complete the remaining work in the course. The student and instructor draw up a contract to outline the necessary components of the remaining work. Upon completion of that work, the student receives a letter grade which replaces the grade of incomplete. See the wording below for specifics.

Except in the instance of an extreme emergency, instructors should not assign the grade of incomplete. Instructors will give an incomplete only in a proven and documented emergency and only under the conditions outlined below. The student must meet all of these conditions in order to qualify for an incomplete. These conditions are in accordance with the university's uniform grading policy.

Conditions for Requesting/receiving an incomplete

  1. The student must complete at least 75% of the course, this includes a minimum of 12 weeks of attendance.
  2. The student is passing the course. Instructors will not assign an incomplete to students failing the course.
  3. The student must provide written documentation of a true emergency (to the DML and the CLAS).
  4. The instructor arranges the incomplete on or before the final day of classes prior to the beginning of final exams.
  5. The instructor fills out an incomplete agreement form, and the student attains all the required signatures.
  6. Students must make up the incomplete within a calendar year. (The grade will otherwise revert to an F.)

Finishing the Course After Receiving an Incomplete

An IF is given only when students, for reasons beyond their control, have been unable  to complete course requirements.  A substantial amount of work must have been satisfactorily completed before approval for such a grade is given.

The instructor who assigns an IF sets the conditions under which the course work can  be completed and the time limit for its completion.  The student is expected to complete the requirements within the established deadline of one year and not retake the entire course.

The final grade, earned by completing the course requirements, (or by retaking the course, if allowed) does not result in deletion of the IF from the transcript.  A second entry is posted on the transcript to show the final grade for the course.

At the end of one year, IF grades for courses that are not completed or repeated are changed to an F.

The grade of incomplete does not allow a student to re-take a course.  Incomplete's allow for only the missing portion of coursework to be made up, and nothing more.

If a course is retaken, the student must re-register for the course and pay the appropriate tuition. The course must be completed on the Downtown Denver campus or in the appropriate UC Denver online class. It is the instructor's and/or the student's decision whether a course should be retaken.

If you have additional questions please contact the department at (303) 315-7234.

Incomplete Policies: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The following college policy on the awarding of Incomplete grades (IW/IF) was approved by the faculty, and was formerly printed in the Schedule of Courses.  The CLAS Course Completion agreement is available in the CLAS Advising Office.

Incomplete Grades (IW/IF):   Incomplete grades (IW or IF) are not granted for low academic performance.  To be eligible for an Incomplete grade, students must (1) successfully complete 75 percent of the course, (2) have special circumstances (verification may be required) that preclude the student from attending class and completing graded assignments, and (3) make arrangements to complete missing assignments with the original instructor.  A CLAS Course Completion agreement is strongly suggested.