Why Modern Languages

The Department of Modern Languages offers language and cultural study courses in Chinese, French, German, Latin and Spanish. In today's global economy, it is increasingly important for individuals to learn a second or third language and be educated about cultures outside their own. Our majors in Spanish and French prepare students for a myriad of careers. Students of every discipline benefit from the wide variety of course offerings in the Department of Modern Languages including language teaching pedagogy, linguistics, literature, film studies and more.  Our minors in French, German, Spanish and Chinese Studies, and our certificate program in Applied German Language Skills, provide an excellent complement, making your college degree all the more marketable upon graduation.

Modern Languages career options:

  • Education and teaching at all levels
  • Business administration
  • Banking and economics at home and abroad
  • The diplomatic corps
  • Linguistics
  • Literary studies
  • The travel and tourism industry
  • Journalism
  • Social work and counseling
  • Translation and interpreting
  • Government programs
  • Criminal justice and forensics
  • Medicine
  • An edge over monolingual competitors in any field