International Studies is an interdisciplinary track for students in the humanities and the social sciences. Through humanistic and social science methodologies and hands-on experiences both in Denver and abroad, students learn to identify patterns and trends in the multifaceted discipline of international studies. Areas of application include: art and politics; philosophy and diplomacy; issues in international and nongovernmental foreign policy; international gender, environmental and human rights issues; international law; cross-cultural-communication; globalization; and the organizational and social structures through which different international entities struggle to build and maintain clear and effective relations. Total required credit hours for the track in conjunction with earning the MH or MSS Degree: 36 credit hours to include 9 hours of Humanities (HUMN) or Social Science (SSCI) core courses, a required Political Science seminar, 15 credit hours of International Relations-related courses and 3-6 credit hours dedicated to a culminating project or thesis. The remaining credit hours are to be divided between electives and (where possible) an internship. Students admitted for the track program will meet the same admissions standards as those admitted to the MH or MSS Program, including a completed Bachelor’s Degree, and must demonstrate a history of committed interest to some dimension of International Studies, such as significant overseas experience.

Targeted Audience
This program is relevant for students with an interest in future careers in international affairs and/or intercultural communication as public administrators, artists, international education administrators, inter-organizational liaisons, diplomats, international business professionals, journalists, non-government organizations, or social service providers. Students may go directly into the job market or can use the track/option as background and a stepping-stone toward a Ph.D. or other advanced degrees such as a MBA, JD, or LLM.

Suggested Advisors
ETHNIC STUDIES: Rachel E. Harding
MHMSS: Margaret Woodhull, Omar Swartz
POLITICAL SCIENCE: Bassem Hassan, Sasha Breger-Bush
SOCIOLOGY: Candan Duran-Aydintug
WGST: Dr. Lorna Hutchison

Master of Humanities or Master of Social Science Core Requirements:​
Required Core MSS courses
SSCI 5020 Foundations and Theories in Interdisciplinary Social Science (every fall)
SSCI 5013 Methods and Practices in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (every spring)
SSCI 5023 Research Perspectives in the Social Sciences (every spring)


Required Core MH courses:
HUMN 5025 Foundations and Theories in Interdisciplinary Humanities (every fall)
HUMN 5013 Methods and Practices of Graduate Interdisciplinary Humanities (every spring)
HUMN 5924 Directed Research and Readings in Interdisciplinary Humanities (every spring)

International Studies Track Requirements In addition to the program’s core required courses, the following are required:

  1. PSCI 5216 Seminar: International Relations, or a relevant 3-credit methodology course approved by the MHMSS program advisor

  2. A minimum of 15-credit hours of INTS-related graduate coursework,

  3. A thesis or project on a INTS related topic

Suggested Elective Courses for the Track​
Below is a list of pre-approved courses for the track. Be aware that it is not comprehensive and that departments change their offerings regularly. Always check with the department to see when a given course might be scheduled. Also check with your MHMSS Program advisor to discuss additional course oppurtunities.

ANTH 5350 Anthropology of Globalization
COMM 5270 Intercultural Communication
COMM 5720 Dynamics of Global Communication
HIST 5032 Globalization in World History Since 1945
HIST 5412 Mexico and the US: People and Politics on the Boarder
HUMN 5770 Imperialism, Post-Colonial Discourse, and Visual Studies
PHIL 5220 Aesthetics: Philosophy of Art
PSCI 5236 American Foreign Policy
PSCI 5245 Gender, Globalization & Development
PSCI 5276 Conflicts and Rights in International Law
PSCI 5286 International Relations: War or Peace
PSCI 5326 Advanced International Political Economy: Globalization
PSCI 5545 Immigration Politics
PSCI 5555 International Women's Resistance
SOCY 5610 Sociology of Religion
SOCY 5460 Hate Groups and Group Violence

For more information about all the WGST Track within the Master of Humanities or Social Science degrees, contact:
Margaret Woodhull, MH Director: margaret.woodhull@ucdenver.edu or
Omar Swartz, MSS Director: omar.swartz@ucdenver.edu

E-mail: masterhs@ucdenver.edu
Website: http://clas.ucdenver.edu/mhmss
Office: Student Commons Building, 3203
Phone: 303-315-3565