Humanities Minor

The study of Humanities offers students ideas and concepts for being ethical, creative citizens equipped with tools for critical thinking in a global, multinational world. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the Humanities Minor cultivates humanistic concepts through historically grounded texts and traditions. It teaches critical engagement with society’s most pressing issues by developing a human-oriented perspective in which creativity and critical, theoretical thinking frame ethical being in the world. Comprising Humanities based coursework, students gain important foundations in personal and community values by pursuing a concentration in one of three interdisciplinary pathways:

Story-telling and Meaning: comprised of Humanities electives focused on how humans make ethical decisions and meaning in life through literature, philosophy, history, and religion.

Picturing Humanity: comprising Humanities courses emphasizing the aesthetic role of art, history, film, and visual studies in the constitution of diverse cultural and social perspectives.

OR • Theorizing Humanity: comprised of coursework focusing on the public role of social theory, philosophy, ethnic studies, and social justice in the formation of culture and society

Who should pursue a Humanities Minor: All Students! A Humanities Minor offers valuable skills demanded by today’s competitive global market. Students who study Humanities have strong writing and communication skills that make them successful in a wide range of careers, like teaching, non-profits leadership, advertising, law, and medicine. Humanities Minor pathways tailor coursework within humanistic traditions and ideas that offer meaningful exploration of issues in contemporary life and society. Students learn analytic thinking and reasoning demanded by careers, like law, technology, marketing, and politics. Humanities study provides knowledge that transcends the limitations of individual disciplinary majors and minors. Pathways within the interdisciplinary Humanities Minor offer students the opportunity to bring together content and themes from diverse, but related disciplines within the framework of humanistic inquiry and critical analysis.