Positions currently available for Spring 2023:

Undergraduate Research Assistants


Seeking Undergraduate Research Assistants

If you are a current CU Denver undergrad who is interested in topics related to perception, attention, and cognition, you may consider applying for a research assistant position in the Laboratory for Integrative Vision. Research assistants in the lab help with running human participsants in experiments that involve the collection of behavior, eye-tracking, and/or EEG data. Our lab also has weekly meetings in which we talk about scientific articles, as well as other issues relating to research, graduate school, and academia. Directed Research opportunities may be available. Current research assistants with sufficient time and dedication may have opportunities for more in depth involvement in independent research, including participation in the Gardner Psychology Research Scholar Program (either for BA or BS majors).

If interested in joining the lab, email carly.leonard@ucdenver.edu.  Please introduce yourself, and provide information about your specific research interests, potential weekly time availability, and what you hope to gain from the experience of being an undergrad research asisstant.  Feel free to ask any questions you might have about the lab or position.