Amy Roberts, Ph.D.

Amy Roberts
Assistant Professor

Office: North Classroom 3123E

Spring 2019 Office Hours: Wednesdays 5 PM till 7 PM on the first floor of the Auraria Library, or by appointment (email recommended!)


Ph.D. Physics, University of Notre Dame, 2013
B.S. Physics, SUNY - Stony Brook, 2004
B.S. Mathematics, SUNY - Stony Brook, 2004


My research focuses on two areas: understanding energy deposition in low-threshold detectors, and building software solutions that solve common data, software, and analysis problems for the nuclear physics community and broader communities that also depend on data.

I am a member of the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search collaboration, which specializes in sensing the faintest possible signals from highly-sensitive phonon detectors.  This collaboration searches for “dark matter” particles, which are hypothesized to make up fully 80% of the universe’s mass but have never been directly detected.

Selected Publications

The SuperCDMS Collaboration. First Dark Matter Constraints from a SuperCDMS Single-Charge Sensitive Detector. Phys. Rev. Lett., 121:051301, 2018.

The SuperCDMS Collaboration. Low-mass dark matter search with CDMSlite. Phys. Rev. D, 97:022002, 2018.

The SuperCDMS Collaboration. Projected Sensitivity of the SuperCDMS SNOLAB experiment. Phys. Rev. D, 95:082002, 2017.

The SuperCDMS Collaboration. New results from the search for low-mass weakly interacting massive particles with the cdms low ionization threshold experiment. Phys. Rev. Lett., 116:071301, 2016.

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A. Roberts, A.N. Villano, A.M. Howard, and J.J. Kolata. A simple cosmic-ray veto shield for low-rate neutron measurements. NIMA, 783:28 – 34, 2015.

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