Photo of Mary Conroy standing in front of a book case.

Ph.D., Russian History, Indiana University,  1964

Mary Schaeffer Conroy is Emeritus Professor, History, University of Colorado, Denver. She received her Ph. D. in Russian History from Indiana University in 1964. Her first trip to Russia was in 1963. In addition to teaching at Kansas State University, the University of Illinois (1965-68), and the University of Colorado from 1975-2006, she has lectured to civic groups, for museum exhibits, at international conferences, and on Volga cruises in the 1990s. In addition to journal articles, she has authored biographies of Russian statesman P. A. Stolypin and cosmetics baron E. Virgil Neal, three books on pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry of Imperial Russia and the USSR, edited two works on civil society in late Imperial Russia. and a recent booklet: Collaboration with Germany by Georgians in France during World War II.

On Russian politics:  Peter Arkad'evich Stolypin: Practical Politics in Late Tsarist Russia and (as editor) Emerging Democracy in Late Imperial Russia . Also as editor: Rolf Torstendahl & Natalia Selunskaia, The Birth of Democratic Culture in Late Imperial Russia.

On pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry:  In Health and In Sickness: Pharmacy, Pharmacists and the Pharmaceutical Industry in Late Imperial, Early Soviet Russia; The Soviet Pharmaceutical Business During Its First Two Decades, 1917-1937;  Medicines for the Soviet Masses during World War II.  

Re France and World War II:  The Cosmetics Baron You've Never Heard Of: E. Virgil Neal and Tokalon (Third edition 2014) and Collaboration With Germany by Georgians in France during World War II, 2019.