Published: March 23, 2020

Each semester the History Department is proud to support students as they work on diverse projects, both in and outside the university classroom. Harrison Sokol, a History major, is currently working toward earning his Secondary Social Science License.

This semester Sokol worked with North High School, a public school in Denver, and helped teach several classes. Sokol mainly worked with 10th grade students in U.S. History and AP U.S. History classes. While Sokol’s lesson plans and projects with the 10th grade students were disrupted by the COVID-19 virus outbreak, he spoke highly of the teaching time he did have with his students. One of the lessons Sokol was able to offer engaged students with Denver’s streetcars, a largely forgotten aspect of the city’s history. Sokol wrote about this topic for his Senior Seminar thesis and was able to share his historical knowledge with the high school students. 

Because of the classes and the guidance Sokol found at CU Denver, he says, “I have begun to identify as both a historian and a teacher. When I first started at this university, I merely was interested in both those fields. Now, after years of hard work, my identity has slowly started to take on those roles. It is quite rewarding! All of my history professors played a role in this, but I want to give Dr. Wagner and Professor Touryan special shout-outs. Both of them pushed me to become better, and in doing so, really helped me develop a sense of pride in my work. Without them and their classes, I certainly would not be in the position I am today.” After graduation Sokol hopes to teach abroad, either in Japan or Georgia, and after that he also wants to get his graduate degree in Russian Studies.