Published: April 9, 2019


Photo of guests looking at posters for the Saving Places Conference 2019Shelby Carr, MA student, presented her research on the Crawford Hill Mansion at the Saving Places Conference in Denver this February. The Saving Spaces Conference held in Denver February 4th-7th focused on topics of historic preservation and community representation. A panel of CU Denver Graduates Students, under the mentorship of Dr. Tom Noel, presented together on Thursday, February 7. Shelby’s topic focused on re-analyzing the history and significance of the Crawford Hill Mansion. She wrote, “While many recognize the impressive dwelling at the corner of 10th and Sherman Streets as a stately home that has been a part of the Denver city landscape since the early Twentieth Century, much of the history behind its significance has been forgotten or overshadowed by occupants of a more recent time. Remarkable for both its architecture and social history, the Crawford Hill Mansion (though I would argue it should be renamed the Crawford and Louise Hill Mansion or the Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Hill mansion at the very least) stands as one of the three remaining mansions that symbolize the affluent neighborhood that the Sherman/Grant Historic District was prior to the construction of the apartment buildings (referred to as “Poet’s Row”) that occurred in the 1920s. Thanks to a certified restoration on the property that began in 1990, the opulent residence still exists today.” Shelby plans to graduate in May 2019.

Photo of the bulletin from the Saving Places Conference