The University of Colorado Denver is committed to ensuring the full participation of all students in its programs, including students with disabilities. If you have a disability or think you have a disability and need accommodations to succeed in this course, I encourage you to contact Disability Resources and Services (DRS) and/or speak with me as soon as you can. (DRS is located in Academic Building 1, Suite 2116, and at I am committed to providing equal access as required by federal law, and I am interested in developing strategies for your success in this course.

You are welcome to adapt and craft your own statement, please keep the following in mind:

  • Your statement needs to comply Americans with Disabilities Act and/or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (by requiring letters at a certain time or foreclosing certain accommodations).A well-crafted access/disability statement can signal to disabled students that you are aware of your legal obligations and interested in creating an inclusive classroom. It also signals to able-bodied students that they should expect disability to be part of the learning experience in your classroom. In doing so, avoid terse legal language.
  • If you need help students with DRS accommodations see our tab “Managing DRS Accommodations.”

Can students speak to you?  Some students may choose to self-advocate, cannot afford required testing to gain DRS documentation, and/or have obvious disabilities with limited accommodation requests. The university does not require you to accommodate students without letters, but you may have discussions with the student and make informed pedagogical decisions, as you would with any student who approaches you with a concern or idea. It’s up to you and the disabled student to work out how those accommodations will play out in your class. Also, in some cases, required accommodations may not make best work for them for the nature of your course. Speak with disabled students as they are the experts on their own disabilities.  You may want to encourage them to speak to you as soon as possible in your syllabus statement.  Note that under all circumstances, students are not required to disclose the nature of their disability to you.