Link to a pdf of the instructions that follow: Installation and Registration Guide for Duo MFA Client (pdf)

Graphic showing duo mobile client installation screen for mobile devices1. Before registering with Duo, we highly recommend installing the Duo Mobile app on your preferred mobile device, e.g., your smartphone. The app is available from the Apple App Store, Google Play or the Microsoft Store. Important! There are multiple Duo apps. Please install the Duo Mobile app with the green logo. During app installation, click "Allow access to camera" so that you can scan the barcode that will be generated during Duo registration.

2. The next step is to register with Duo. From your laptop or desktop computer, visit: Login with your CU network Username (type in your "Username" not your email address) and Password. The Duo Authentication "Start setup" message will appear.

Graphic show CU Denver's login screen into passportGraphic showing Duo Authentication screen protect your CU secure account

3. Select your preferred device type to receive the authentication request from the Duo application and click continue.

screen showing what type of device you're adding - mobile, tablet, landline

4. If you've selected a mobile phone, input the phone number and select the type of phone.

screen showing phone number to enter with fields highlighted by a border.

graphic showing screen where one enter what type of phone they're using.

5. A barcode should appear on your computer screen. Using the mobile app that you installed in Step 1, scan the barcode with your phone to activate the Duo authentication service. (If you’re using a Landline for authentication, you will skip this step.)

Activate duo mobile graphic showing checked barcode

6. On the next screen, next to "When I log in", make sure "Ask me to choose an authentication method" is selected in the dropdown box.

graphic showing screen capture of settings and devices

7. Next, select your preferred authentication method and save your preferences. You will have the option to choose: a.) Duo Push b.) Call Me or c.) Passcode.

Instructions for your preferred authentication method are provided below:

a. To choose Duo Push (recommended method), click on "Send Me a Push."

pushed a login to your device

pushed a login to your device

Click "Approve" to authenticate on the next screen.

graphic show click approve to authenticate

b. To choose Call Me:

Choose the second option Call Me. Duo dials the phone you registered in step 5 above. Press any key on your phone to authenticate:

press any key on your phone to authenticate graphic

c. To choose Passcode, click the third option "Enter a Passcode" to authenticate. A code is texted to your phone. (Be sure you clicked "Allow notifications" during the installation process.)

You have now completed the registration process for setting up multi-factor authentication with Duo!