This How-To will guide users through using just the basics of Zoom to record a lecture. There are many more features available in Zoom, such as live conferencing, scheduling, etc., but for the sake of simplicity, those are left out of this guide.

Link to a pdf of the instructions that follow: How to Use Zoom to Record a Lecture (pdf)


  1. Open a web browser and navigate to:

  2. Click "Sign In" in the top-right corner of the screen.

    zoom sign in screen graphic

  3. Login with your University username and password.

  4. At the top-right corner of the screen, mouse-over "Host A Meeting," then select "With Video Off" (if you choose to not use a webcam) or “With Video On” (if you choose to use a webcam.

    NOTE: You do NOT need to have "With Video On" in order to share your screen with viewers

    video on indicator in zoom graphic

  5. From here, Zoom will prompt you to download and run a file to launch the application. This can vary in each web browser, so follow the instructions on the webpage to do this successfully.

  6. Once the application is running, a popup should appear asking how you would like to join the audio conference. Select Join Audio by Computer.

    join by audo screen

  7. From here, you will be greeted by the main page, shown below:

    graphic of zoom main greeting screen

  8. The bottom bar of the main window for Zoom appears when you move your mouse and has all of the options needed to record your lecture. First, verify that your microphone is working by watching the microphone icon in the bottom left and ensuring that it lights up green as you speak into your microphone.

    zoom's mute button

  9. Next, click the Record button to begin recording.

    zoom's record icon

  10. From here, click Share Screen to share your computer screen with those that will be watching. A window will pop up asking what you want to share; select Desktop in the top left corner.

    zoom's share screen icon

  11. From here, begin your lecture and teach as you normally would using presentations, slides, etc.

  12. When your lecture is complete, select Stop Share at the top of your screen.

    zoom's stop recording button icon

  13. The main window for Zoom will reappear. Select Stop Recording on the bottom bar.

    zoom's pause stop recording icon

  14. On the far right of the bottom bar, select End Meeting. A popup window will ask if you’d like to End the Meeting for All or just Leave the meeting. Select End Meeting for All.

    zoom's end meeting indicator
    zoom's end meeting icon

  15. Once the meeting has ended, Zoom will automatically begin converting your recording into a video format.

    zoom's convert meeting icon

  16. Once the conversion is complete, Zoom automatically opens your recording. The file named "zoom_0" is your recorded file that you can distribute to viewers.

    graphic of screenshot showing files

NOTE: If you close out of this window or find that it doesn’t open automatically, you can find your recorded files under My Documents -> zoom. The folders have timestamps on them of when you recorded them.