Published: May 28, 2020

In collaboration with the Learning Design & Technology group within the School of Education and Human Development, this weekly broadcast includes a list of recommended tools, media, and events for your discovery.


read An Affinity for Asynchronous Learning / Maha Bali / Hybrid Pedagogy Journal
watch Teaching During COVID-19: Why We’re Fortunate / Gardner Campbell / EDUCAUSE
listen Learning in a Time of Pandemic / Remi Kalir / Teaching in Higher Education Podcast

Learning Experiences

discover Hybrid-Flexible Teaching (HFT) - CU Summer Academy / SEHD / ThinqStudio
play Keep Teaching: During Prolonged Campus Closures / Indiana University


browse Hackastory Tools / Digital Media Toolbox
browse Systems Thinker / Thought Repository

Beyond Canvas

discover Jupyter Notebooks / Open interactive science & computing
discover Dexter / DIY Chatbots


register Games for Change Virtual Festival 2020 / July 14-16
register Digital Pedagogy Lab / CU Denver / July 26th - Aug 2nd

Doug Sicker, Professor & Associate Dean CEDC
Brad Hinson, Assistant Dean & Senior Instructor SEHD - Learning Design & Technology (LDT)
Debbi-Ann Webley-Smith, MA Student - Learning Design & Technology (LDT)