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What is Proctorio?

Proctorio is an online proctoring system for use within Canvas.

How Do I Enable Proctorio in Canvas?

If you want to add it, sign in to Canvas, open your class and go to ‘Settings’. Select the Apps tab, search for Proctorio and click the Add App button.

You'll need to enter the following information. This is the same for everyone:

Proctorio Consumer Key


Proctorio Shared Secret


Once added you may set up your quizzes with the Proctorio on line proctor.

How Can I Create a Quiz with Proctorio?

When you add a new quiz to your Canvas course you will see a Proctorio settings tab.

Proctorio Settings tab while creating quiz in Canvas

If you click on the tab, you will be moved about halfway down the page, you will see a radio button ‘Enable Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor’. 

Checkbox to enable Proctorio in a quiz

As you click the ‘Enable Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor’ radio button, the program will automatically check ‘Require an access code’.  This is an automatically generated access code that happens for students behind the scenes. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Students will not need a specific access code to take the exam but if they get an access code error message, they will need to click the Secure Exam Proctor tab in the course on Canvas BEFORE going into the Assignments tab and starting the exam.

Once you have enabled Proctorio you can go to the Proctorio Settings tab

SIDE NOTE:  After setting up your parameters, you can set up a profile so that you can use the same settings for future exams with one click by clicking ‘Create New Profile’.

Choose your Exam settings:

 Record Audio and Record Video

I like to record video and audio but it requires the student to have a computer with a web camera and microphone.  In order to take the exam, they need to show an ID to the camera and test the microphone. 

SIDE NOTE:  As an advanced feature, you can set up the exam for everyone with video camera and microphone and then disable Proctorio for those students without a camera or microphone.  It requires enabling flexibility for everyone to be able to take the exam with or without Proctorio.  It generates a separate password that you as the instructor give to an in person proctor or testing center.  The caution is that if you give the password directly to a student, it could be distributed and then others would be able to take the exam without Proctorio.

Next you can choose what you want their computer to lock out while taking the exam.

Recommended Lock Down Options while setting up Proctorio

I usually choose everything but ‘Prevent Re-entry’.  I do this because sometimes Canvas and/or Proctorio can be unpredictable and throw a student out of an electronic exam for an unimportant reason.  For example, if a student knocks their notes off the table and has to pick them up or stretches or someone comes into the room, Proctorio can throw them out and not let them re-access.

SIDE NOTE:  When setting up the exam on the first page it asks about ‘Allow Multiple Attempts’.  I always say ‘yes’ for the same reasons as above.  Canvas usually saves the student’s work and upon re-entry, they can pick up where they left off.

If you do not know what the icon symbolizes you can roll your cursor to the top right hand corner and a ‘?’ appears.  Click on ‘?’ and it explains the function.

SIDE NOTE:  For open note exams,  by enabling all the above settings, students taking notes electronically will not have access to them if they are on the same computer.  They will have to print them out or you will have to allow use of another computer which defeats the purpose of locking everything out.

Verification options are chosen as follows:

I usually verify video, audio and ID check.   I do not usually use verify log in because many students have their passwords remebered by Chrome or Google.

Recommended Verification Options while setting up Proctorio

You can provide a Canvas based Calculator and Whiteboard.  I have found that the Calculator is harder for students to use than their own and that the Whiteboard isn’t really beneficial unless the students have a touch screen and stylus.

Recommended In-Quiz Tools while setting up Proctorio

The remaining settings are for behavior.  You can customize them or use the generic settings.

Behavior Settings for Proctorio

If you customize your settings, you have the following options to select:

Custom Behavior Settings in Proctorio

Recommended Exam Metrics while setting up Proctorio

Technical Abnormalities in Proctorio

That’s it…if you want to save all your settings as a profile for use on all of your exams, click on ‘CREATE NEW PROFILE’.

Create New Profile button after configuring Proctorio settings

When you’re all done ’Save’ or ‘Save and Publish’.

It doesn’t matter if you set up your exam questions before or after you have set up your Proctorio settings.

How Do I Get Support with Proctorio?

There are several resources you can leverage to get support with Proctorio:

CU Denver Office of Digital Education can help with learning the tool and answer questions with how best to use it.

CU Denver Office of Information Technology can assist with technical issues while using or setting up Proctorio.

The Proctorio website also has good quick informational videos and FAQs.