Summer Workshops

A Math Teachers' Circle provides an opportunity for teachers to engage in mathematical problem solving and deepen their understanding of mathematics. The main activities are problem-solving sessions in a collaborative environment.  In particular, participants will work on math problems geared towards the level of teachers, rather than the level of their students, and discuss various approaches, solutions, and problem-solving strategies.  

Problems from outside the scope of typical curriculum and are selected to provide participants with opportunities to develop breadth and flexibility in mathematical thinking.  Time on the last day (and possibly optional in the evenings for the Alamosa workshop) will be dedicated to connecting your experience back to your classroom. 

The Math Teachers' Circle also aims to create a network among math teachers and mathematicians that can serve as an invaluable resource of ideas, activities, and support with fellow professionals. 

The workshop will be designed for teachers at the 4th to 9th grade levels.  Teachers from outside this range are also welcome to attend.  Problems will have multiple entry points allowing participants with differing levels of mathematical backgrounds to be engaged and enjoy progress. Teachers will benefit most if they participate with the goal of developing and deepening their problem-solving skills and are open to working collaboratively to broaden their approaches to mathematics. We anticipate that the cost of the workshop and graduate or continuing education credits will be covered pending grant funds. There will be an $85 required registration fee to attend the workshop, due within two weeks of notification of your acceptance into the program.  One graduate credit or 3.5 CEUs are provided at no cost to you, lodging (for the Alamosa workshop) is at no cost to you, and some meals are provided.

Preference will be given to applications received by March 1, 2018.  Applications will continue to be accepted based on availability until May 15, 2018.