Published: Sept. 30, 2020

Remote Organizing Internship with Audrey Denney for Congress

Who is Audrey Denney?

Audrey spent her childhood on her family’s ranch in Central California where she gained a strong work ethic and respect for the land.

Audrey is running for Congress because the people of California’s first district deserve a representative who works for the people here not for corporate interests and political gain.

Audrey supports:

  • Medicare for All 

  • A Green New Deal
  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • Immigration Reform
  • A Women’s Right to Choose

Check out her full platform at!

What is Remote Organizing?

With eleven counties in our district, thousands of volunteers in our database, and tens of thousands to call, we need YOU to help us organize!

Over the next few months our Remote Organizing Internship program will teach you the following skills:

  • Researching and building lists of influence-makers and change-makers 
  • Managing and controlling Zoom conference meetings, conference calls, and community chat spaces to achieve program goals 
  • Training others to amplify your work and developing key leadership skills 
  • Learning industry standard phone banking and text banking software 
  • Preparing scripts, meeting agendas, reports, and calendars


Interested? Send us an email with your resume at:

**This is an unpaid, 10 hour a week position**