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Hasinoff on New CO Sexting Bill

May 30, 2017

The balance struck by House Bill 17-1302 has been sought for years by Amy Hasinoff, Communication Assistant Professor (and the author of Sexting Panic ). Hasinoff maintains, "Laws in a lot of states essentially say that whether you sext with consent or with malicious intent, we're going to give you...

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Jose on Latest Developments in Syrian Conflict

May 30, 2017

Political Science Department Assistant Professor Betcy Jose discusses the U.S. missile strikes in Syria and their relation to the repeatedly violated civilian immunity norm throughout the Syrian conflict. Putting Syrian Civilians First Foreign Affairs, April 11

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Miller Discuses Rilke Prize

May 30, 2017

English Associate Professor Wayne Miller's latest book recently won the Rilke Prize and the Colorado Book Award in Poetry. Miller spoke about it with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner. Denver poet takes on the tragedy and beauty of 21st century America Colorado Public Radio, May 1

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Rees on Opioid Addiction

May 30, 2017

"Once someone is hooked, you've created an addict," said Economics Professor Daniel Rees. "We're still feeling the effects of decisions, of behavior, from a decade ago." Rees is the author of a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper released in February, which examined the effectiveness of two public policies...

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Sullivan Featured on National Geographic

May 30, 2017

Esther Sullivan, Sociology Assistant Professor, discusses how low-income families continue to struggle to find affordable housing while other people are turning a profit by investing in poverty. Downwardly Mobile National Geographic, April 25

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Hartley and Student Monitoring Denver Area Wildlife

May 30, 2017

In recent months, field cameras set up by Integrative Biology Graduate Student Sarah St. Onge (in collaboration with the Urban Wildlife Information Network ) have captured over 2,000 images of wildlife across the metro Denver area. "The main things we found were coyote, red fox, raccoons, mule deer and lots...

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Colwell on Dakota Access Pipeline

March 14, 2017

Chip Colwell, Anthropology Lecturer, gives an archaeological review of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and argues that a more accurate reckoning of the economic benefits of oil pipelines needs to consider the negative impact of pipelines on other parts of the economy. How the archaeological review behind the Dakota Access Pipeline...

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Everhart on Panic Attacks

March 14, 2017

Kevin Everhart, Associate Professor and Clinical / Co-Director of the Infant Learning Lab in the Department of Psychology, explains one in five people will have a panic attack at some point in their lives. He says medication can help manage panic attacks, but they aren’t a cure. Facing the fear...

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Fields on Youth Football

March 14, 2017

Sarah Fields, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Communication, discusses changes in youth football to prevent head injuries. Morning Edition Talk NPR Morning Edition, Feb 6

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Lockley A Go-to in Dinosaur Ridge Development Debate

March 14, 2017

For Decades Geology Emeritus Professor Martin Lockley has been studying the Dinosaur Ridge repository west of Denver, which is now facing encroachment from development. His team had recently discovered dinosaur "scrapes" at the ridge and at other sites in western Colorado, which he believed to be evidence of prehistoric foreplay...

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