Published: Nov. 22, 2016

Director of the Social Justice program, Jordan HillJordan Hill, Director of the Social Justice Program, recently completed a large digital humanities/social justice project that that he has been collaborating on for almost 4 years entitled "Mapping Inequality." The project is the interdisciplinary research endeavor of dozens of scholars around the country using GIS and historical data to visualize the history of housing discrimination, or "redlining" in the United States. Due to the current national interest in issues of discrimination and housing, National Geographic ran a featured article on the project, stating: "The maps in [the Mapping Inequality Project] are part of a grim history. They were created by a government program in the 1930s and played a role in keeping African Americans and other minorities from owning property in American cities, thereby leaving an indelible mark on the racial and economic history of the United States."

Newly Release Maps Show How Housing Discrimination Happened
National Geographic, Oct 2016