Published: May 10, 2016

Associate Professor of Anthropology Sarah HortonSarah Horton, Associate Professor of Anthropology, recently published a brief on the Scholars' Strategy Network, "How Agriculture Employers Arrange 'Identity Loans' to Evade Immigration and Labor Laws," and presented her paper, "Ghost Workers: Propelling Injured Workers into the 'Space of Nonexistence," at the Society for Applied Anthropology annual conference in Vancouver, BC, on April 1.

Additionally, in an op-ed for the San Diego Union Tribune, Horton writes that paying overtime for farmworkers would be a step toward economic security for hundreds of thousands of people and would also help protect farmworkers' health and save lives. Horton’s book, They Leave Their Kidneys in the Fields: Illness, Injury, and "Illegality" among U.S. Farmworkers, will be published by the University of California Press in June.

Opinion: Equal overtime rules could save lives
San Diego Union Tribune, April 8