Published: Sept. 29, 2015

An innovative project — using multimedia installations to draw attention to some of Denver’s most pressing social issues — ushers in a new era for cross-disciplinary research at the University of Colorado Denver. The team of research fellows from different CU Denver schools and colleges represent the pilot year of the Creative Research Collaborative (CRC) Faculty Fellowships. Located in the Office of Research Services (ORS), the CRC is a campus wide initiative to foster innovative and interdisciplinary research that strengthens collaboration across academic units. Four faculty members were chosen from the applicant pool for the 2015-2016 pilot year of the collaborative "team" program, including John Tinnell, Assistant Professor of English, and Amy Adele Hasinoff, Assistant Professor of Communications.

This year's fellows share research interests in mobility, mobile technologies and civic engagement. They plan to create a series of multimedia installations that draw critical attention to social issues integral to the future of our booming city. They also plan to publish collaborative research on how place-based technologies might be designed to connect citizens to local settings and stimulate public discussion about shared concerns. Read more about the new initiative at this link.