Published: Oct. 21, 2014

Dr. Anthony Piccone standing in a graduation capDr. Anthony Piccone, a practicing anesthesiologist in Denver for over twenty years and 1978 alumnus of CU Denver's Biology BS program, served as a beacon to those struggling to achieve their med school dreams. He applied no less than six times before finally being accepted to the University of Colorado Medical School and earning his MD in 1985. Anthony courageously fought colo-rectal cancer for nearly a decade, along with many other health issues that manifested due to it.

Regardless of the trials and tribulations with his health he forever persevered. His spirit lives on through his only daughter Jessica Piccone-Robie and his grandson Orrin Anthony. He also lives on through his mother Catherine Abegg Hall and siblings Michael, Marsha, Frank, Stephanie, Jim, John Pasquale, Mariono, Ronda, Sandy and Mary Ann. He was a determined gentleman with fervor for life. He was an incredible father, doctor, brother, and friend.

Dr. Piccone loved medicine, and ferociously pursued his passions no matter what, as was the focus of a profile in Pinnacle in March of 2012, you can read the full article here.