Published: Oct. 21, 2014

CU Denver Biology Student Club doing science experiments with middle school studentsThe CU Denver Biology Student Club participated in the first annual Lowry Science Fair on May 1, thanks to help from CU Succeed and the Integrative Biology Department. As part of its mission, the Biology Club focuses on working with local schools to make sure students are able to have hands on lessons in biology. For the non-squeamish, Chloe Sanders and Andrew Lamp manned a sheep brain and eyeball dissection table, while Alison Sanchez and Emily Larson manned a strawberry DNA extraction table. Each table had over 100 middle school students participate in hands on scientific discovery.

The Biology Club exhibited at the Lowry Science Fair alongside the Denver Zoo, Wings Over the Rockies, and the Colorado Department of Health. Said Club President Andrew Lamp of the experience, "It was exciting to see kids realize how similar their eyes and a sheep’s eye is or that the strawberry had DNA just like they do. I think it really helps them realize biology is a way of understanding the world around them and isn’t just a boring lecture period."