Published: Feb. 18, 2014

Auraria Housekeepers and staff of the Department of Modern Languages celebrating graduationOn December 10, 2013, the Department of Modern Languages along with their student interns, faculty sponsor Professor Andrés Lema-Hincapié, and family and friends celebrated the graduation of twenty Auraria Housekeepers from a new program. The housekeepers successfully participated in a pilot project designed to improve their literacy in computing basics.

During the ceremony Steve King, MA student and one of the project's instructors, talked about how the project itself morphed as the semester went on, responding to the needs of the students. He remembered that many participants were a little scared of computers at the start of the term, but that all changed as their confidence with technology grew. Said King, "We want to give them a leg-up and entrance into the digital world." Participants in the new class talked about how much they learned and how their new knowledge makes them want to learn more. This project was made possible thanks to a Diversity & Excellence Grant from the University of Colorado President's Office, and the department hopes to continue it in the future.