Section Instructor Days Time Description
1 Lisle M/W 11:00am to 12:15pm This course explores, in detail, the way ideology functions within culture. Particular attention will be placed on the way ideological forces work to foster and maintain racist and sexist forms of thought and behavior.  We will begin by analyzing the nature and scope of ideological forces as cultural forces, and then we will explore various ways certain contemporary thinkers claim it may be possible to resist or eliminate racist and sexist thinking within an individual and collectively. One basic question we will be asking: to what extent can one escape ideologically founded thinking? Is it possible, in other words, for one to gain a self-critical relation to one’s own culture, especially since cultural traditions seem to mask themselves within the guise of common sense or conventional wisdom?
E02 Lisle Online Full Term SEE SECTION 001
3 Lisle T/Th 12:30pm to 1:45pm SEE SECTION 001
E01 Jeong Online First 8 weeks In this course, we discuss the issues of racism and sexism with a focus on the relationship between self and other. We begin with the basic philosophical questions concerning the idea of the self, and then learn how the self is socially constructed in its relation to an ‘Other.’ While considering how gender and racial differences shape our identities, we come to identify and examine critically the social norms of whiteness, patriarchy and heterosexuality underlying our self-understanding and relational practices. This course fulfills the CU Denver Cultural Diversity Requirement.