Pike, Matt
Visiting Instructor

Education and Degrees:

Certificate, College Teaching, University of Colorado at Boulder

Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder

M.A., Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder

B.A., Philosophy, University of Colorado at Denver


Areas of expertise:

Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Logic, Metaphysics (especially Philosophy of Time).


Bio/details about me:

Dr. Matt Pike, a native of Colorado, has proudly been a member of the University of Colorado community (in one role or another) for over 20 years. Between the Denver and Boulder campuses, he has been an undergraduate, graduate student, I.T. professional, and teacher. His current research combines traditional work in epistemology and philosophy of science with contemporary work in cognitive science, experimental psychology, and neuroscience. His interest in these fields and learning about how our minds learn and operate also informs his teaching methodology. He has won multiple awards for his teaching and enjoys helping train new teachers in different pedagogical techniques. In addition to teaching and doing philosophy, his life is given meaning by spending time outdoors in the mountains; reading sci-fi and fantasy novels; and composing, performing, and recording music.

Personal Website: