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  • Sarah K. Tyson publishing a book Where are the Women?: Why Expanding the Archive Makes Philosophy Better (Columbia University Press, 2018). The department will be hosting a book release event in October. Dr. Tyson has also recently contributed a book chapter to The Heart of the Other? in which she frames a conversation between the philosopher Jacques Derrida's first year of seminars on the death penalty with the words of Spoon Jackson, a poet serving a sentence of life without parole, to consider what it means to abolish the death penalty.
  • Robert Metcalf published the book Philosophy as Agôn: A Study of Plato's Gorgias and Related Texts (Northwestern University Press, 2018) Based on a careful reading of the Gorgias and related Socratic dialogues, such as Apology and Theaetetus, Metcalf contends that agôn is indispensable to the critique of prevailing opinions, to the transformation of the interlocutor through shame-inducing refutation, and to philosophy as a lifelong training (askêsis) of oneself in relation to others.


  • ​​Boram Jeong (Ph.D. Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA/ Ph.D. Université Paris VIII Vincennes-Saint-Denis, Paris, France-Philosophy, under a dual-degree agreement) joined the faculty as Assistant Professor in Fall 2017. Boram works on 19th-20th Century Continental Philosophy, Contemporary French Philosophy, and Social and Political Philosophy. Welcome, Boram!


  • Candice Shelby ​Published a book, Addiction: A Philosophical Perspective(Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). Candice has had two successful events at the Auraria Library (see here​!) and Barnes and Noble (check out a video clip, here!), and she will have more lectures regarding her book throughout the year. Congratulations, Candice! 


  • Brian Lisle ​Receives promotion to Senior Instructor! Congratulations, Brian!