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Fall 2021

Spring 2021

Fall 2020

  • The CU Denver Philosophy Department welcomes you to the new semester. 

  • CultureKlatsch - No Thanks: The Aimless Female Antihero -  Monday, December 7th

  • CultureKlatsch - A Humanities Podcast About Contemporary Culture - Season 2 premiere Wednesday, October 14th.

    • CultureKlatsch, a production of the English and Philosophy Departments at the University of Colorado Denver, extends our conversations about contemporary culture by sharing nuanced, perceptive, philosophical commentary on the content and issues that matter most. The conversations happening on social media and streaming platforms have the ability to point our cultural lenses in a thousand different directions. CultureKlatsch examines the media that are most relevant to the current cultural moment and most likely to emerge in our everyday discussions with friends. We’ll recreate the spontaneous and philosophical conversations that happen in coffee shops while delving deeply into what topical books, television, and movies have to tell us about who we are and what we care most about.

Summer 2020

Spring 2020

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Spring, Maymester, and Summer courses will be offered as remote or online.  Remote courses will incorporate both synchronous and asynchronous teaching methods where the professor will be available for the entirety of the meeting time over email and through the scheduled ZOOM meeting times.  ZOOM meeting times will vary from course to course, so be sure to check the course descriptions for specific times.  Online courses will remain asynchronous. Resources for transitioning to remote learning.
  • David Hildebrand became the President of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy (2020-2022). CU Denver will host the SAAP meeting in March 2021. What is SAAP? "SAAP exists to advance scholarship and teaching in the diverse areas of American Philosophy. Work on figures and issues in American pragmatism, American idealism, American naturalism, American transcendentalism, and process philosophy are encouraged. The society also supports collaborative transactions between these strains of American thought with feminism, indigenous philosophies, African American philosophy, Latin American and Latinx philosophies, post-colonialism, and race theories, to name just a few." Learn more at
  • Dr. Sarah Tyson has started a new Philosophy Department Podcast series.  Check out the first session with Dr. Tyson and Dr. Candice Shelby, Substance Use in a Pandemic.
  • NEW STUDY ABROAD OPPORTUNITY - CU Denver Philosophy in Berlin, Fall 2020!
  • CU Denver Philosophy will no longer be offering the Certificate of Ethics.
  • Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our remaining guest lectures have been cancelled.


  • 4+1 Masters Program. In conjunction with the University of Colorado Denver Masters of Humanities Program, the Philosophy Department has launched a 4+1 Program. With proper planning, this program allows qualified students to earn a Master’s Degree in Humanities (Philosophy and Theory track) in 5 years. At the end, students will have both Philosophy Major (B.A.) and an MH degree. Majors in particular are invited to apply to the program. Upon acceptance, students are allowed to take graduate-level courses during their remaining semesters of undergraduate study. These classes count BOTH towards satisfying requirements of the BA major and the Master’s degree in Philosophy. Students may take up to 5 dual-counted graduate seminars in this way, so that by the time the student completes their undergraduate degree, they are already half-way done with their Masters degree. Those interested should contact department advisors or the Program Assistant for more information.
  • Program Assistant. The Department welcomes John Brogan to the position of Program Assistant in the Philosophy. Liz Puente-Calderon has decided to pursue new adventures and will be sorely missed but we're excited to have John on board.
  • Promotion. David Hildebrand was promoted to Professor in 2019.


  • Sarah K. Tyson publishing a book Where are the Women?: Why Expanding the Archive Makes Philosophy Better (Columbia University Press, 2018). The department will be hosting a book release event in October. Dr. Tyson has also recently contributed a book chapter to The Heart of the Other? in which she frames a conversation between the philosopher Jacques Derrida's first year of seminars on the death penalty with the words of Spoon Jackson, a poet serving a sentence of life without parole, to consider what it means to abolish the death penalty. Tyson was recently promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure.
  • Robert Metcalf published the book Philosophy as Agôn: A Study of Plato's Gorgias and Related Texts (Northwestern University Press, 2018) Based on a careful reading of the Gorgias and related Socratic dialogues, such as Apology and Theaetetus, Metcalf contends that agôn is indispensable to the critique of prevailing opinions, to the transformation of the interlocutor through shame-inducing refutation, and to philosophy as a lifelong training (askêsis) of oneself in relation to others. Metcalf was recently promoted to Professor.


  • ​​Boram Jeong (Ph.D. Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA/ Ph.D. Université Paris VIII Vincennes-Saint-Denis, Paris, France-Philosophy, under a dual-degree agreement) joined the faculty as Assistant Professor in Fall 2017. Boram works on 19th-20th Century Continental Philosophy, Contemporary French Philosophy, and Social and Political Philosophy. Welcome, Boram!



  • Brian Lisle ​Receives promotion to Senior Instructor! Congratulations, Brian!


  • "Zamosc-Regueros presents paper in UK"  (​Dean's Notes, CLAS, October 2014)
  • "Philosophy Department Hosts Engaging Series of Events"​  (Dean's Notes, CLAS, October 2014)
  • ​​"Philosophy Event Takes Humans to Court"  (CLAS Pinnacle, May 2014).


  • David Hildebrand devotes his time this semester to teaching one section each of an eight-part certificate program. The certificate program, run through CU Denver's Graduate School, is being referred​ to as the "Mini School of the Humanities." The program is free and open to the public, and students who attend at least six lessons will receive an academic Certificate in Humanities. Dr. Hildebrand will teach "Objectivity and Neutrality in Contemporary Media."
  • "University of Colorado Denver hosts a free Mini School for the Humanities, starting tonight"​ (Westword, Oct. 2, 2013)
  • "Hildebrand gives multiple presentations in Scandinavia​" (CU Newsroom, Jul. 2013).
  • "Metcalf selected for institute and teaching in Italy this summer" (CLAS Pinnacle, May 2013).
  • "Don Maloney: Faith, science, and music for a true Renaissance Man" (UCD Advocate, April 2013).
  • "Sarah Tyson: No easy choices in a philosopher’s work" (UCD Advocate, Feb. 2013).


  • "Passion for knowledge triumphs over career-seeking​​," By Adam Blair, Philosophy Major and "inFocus" Editor for the UCD Advocate (UCD Advocate, Nov. 2012).
  • "Philosophy hosted visiting scholar Frega" (CLAS Pinnacle, Nov. 2012).
  • ​​Sarah Tyson (Ph.D. Vanderbilt University) joined the faculty as Assistant Professor in Fall 2012. Sarah works on Feminist Theory, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, and Social and Political Philosophy.​ Welcome, Sarah!
  • "Metcalf named Co-Director of the Ancient Philosophy Society and led seminar in Italy" (CLAS Pinnacle, Sept. 2012).
  • "Hildebrand presents paper to annual Advancement of American Philosophy meeting​" (CLAS Pinnacle, May 2012).
  • "Ethics Bowl team repeats win at Rocky Mountain Regional, moving on to National Championship" (CLAS Pinnacle, Jan. 2012)


  • In Fall 2011, Dr. Mark Bauer (Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) joined the department as a Visiting Assistant Professor. His specialties include Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Biology.
  • "Sam Walker: Deep thoughts and hard rock beats" (UCD Advocate, Nov. 2011).
  • "Tennis: Philosophy Grads Find Success in Music​" (CLAS Pinnacle, Jul. 2011).
  • "Hildebrand Gives Talks on Pragmatism and Democracy in Rome and Paris" (CLAS Pinnacle, Jul. 2011).​