university of colorado denver national history day in colorado a pre-collegiate social studies and literacy program

How do I create a website entry?

All website entries must be created on NHDWebCentral.org. Websites made on any other platform are not eligible for competition. 


Do I have to participate in a Regional Contest?

All middle school and high school students must first compete in a Regional Contest. The top three entries in each category and division move on to the State Contest on the University of Colorado Denver campus the first Saturday in May. The top two entries in each category and division advance to the National Contest in College Park, MD in June.


How do I determine what Region I should compete in?

To determine what region you should compete in, view the Regional Map. For students in the Denver and Denver Metro Area, all schools with a Denver address compete in the Denver City Region, all schools with an Aurora address compete in the Aurora Region, and all others compete in the Greater Denver Metro Region. View the Contest page for applicable registration, deadline, and contest dates.


How many entries can my school send?

The number of entries allowed from each school are determined by the size of each region. Contact your regional coordinator for more information. Regional coordinator information can be found on the Contest page.


What if my school does not participate in History Day? Can I still create an entry?

Yes, even if your school and/or teacher does not formally participate in History Day, you can still create an entry. You should find a sponsoring teacher in order to complete the registration form.


Why are websites and papers due prior to the day of the contest?

Websites and papers are provided to judges prior to the date of the contest so that they may be thoroughly reviewed. You must submit your paper to your regional coordinator by the paper and website deadline indicated by your Region. You will submit your website URL via the registration form, and it will be locked from further editing after this date.


Does my entire group have to be present for our interview?

No, for group entries, only one group member is required to be present for interviews. All other group members must still register in order to be eligible to advance to the next contest in the event that the entry wins.


What if I can't attend my interview at the Regional or State Contest?

All students must be present to be interviewed in order for their project to be eligible. Extenuating and emergency circumstances may be considered. Contact the applicable coordinator with these issues.


What if I can't pay my entry fee?

Each student, not entry is required to pay an entry fee for most Regional Contests and for the State Contest. However, National History Day in Colorado will never turn a way a student for inability to pay their fees. Please contact the applicable coordinator if this is an issue.