CLAS students seeking secondary foreign language licensure with a major in Spanish must complete 30 semester hours of upper-division coursework in Spanish, plus 8 hours in Urban Community Teacher Education. Students should meet with the faculty advisor in Spanish designated to work with secondary licensure students (Plaza 118N, 303-315-7234).  The BA in Spanish requires that a minimum of 18 semester hours be taken at CU-Denver, and that the minimum grade for each course applied to the major be a ‘C’ (2.0).  The GPA in all courses applied to Spanish major must be a 2.5. At least 12 of the 30 semester hours must be taken at the 4000 level.  No courses taken on a pass/fail basis may be credited toward a Spanish Major or Minor.  The following list of courses for the major should be used as a guide.  Please see the assigned faculty advisor in Spanish for the most current list of requirements.

Introduction to Literature – 3 semester hours          

  • SPAN 3101    Introduction to the Study of Literature   

Language Skills and Theory – 9 semester hours  

  • SPAN 3060    Hispanic Phonetics: Theory and Practice
  • Any two courses numbered SPAN 30xx or SPAN 40xx.

Culture and Civilization – 6 semester hours

  • Any two courses numbered SPAN 32xx or 42xx.                                                                                              

Peninsular Literature – 3 semester hours

  • Any course numbered SPAN 41xx or 43xx.

Spanish American Literature – 3 semester hours

  • Any course numbered SPAN 44xx or 45xx.

Spanish Major Electives  – 6 sem hr  

  • Any two 3xxx or 4xxx level Spanish courses

UCTE - 8 Semester Hours
In addition to the Spanish Major courses, students must take 8 semester hours of Urban Community Teacher Education (UCTE) Courses, as follows:

  • UEDU 4010    Social Foundations and Cultural Diversity in Urban Education
  • UEDU 4020    Co-developing Culturally Responsive Classroom Communities
  • UEDU 4930    Education Internship and Seminar (2 credits) – 120 contact hours of internship(s) providing supervised experience with children and on campus seminar.  See CLAS advisor for details.Note: Deadlines      Fall – March 15  Spring – October 15

12 of the 30 semester hours taken for the Spanish major must be completed at the 4000 level.

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