Kate Photo
Graduate Assistant

Kate graduated with a B.A. in psychology from the University of Northern Colorado in 2010. She went on to work with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities for a decade and returned to academia in 2015 earning a B.A. in art and critical theory. As a graduate student in the Humanities program, Kate has blended her love of critical theory with her interests in popular culture taking an interdisciplinary approach to studying reality TV, immersion, and immersive themed spaces. Kate’s interdisciplinary plan of study combines discourses from new media studies, feminism, and design. Her research merges critical theory with the practicality of design and seeks to offer new insights to the growing field of inquiry into immersion and immersive experiences. Kate is now working towards a Digital Studies Certificate and will continue her research on immersion, the body, culture, and virtual reality technologies in an English and sociology course next semester.