Student Projects


Spring 2021

Here is the Link for the first video that features:
Frank, Andrew & Weston: The Impact Of Chinese F.D.I. in Chile, Laos, Ethiopia 
Robert & Evan: China's Advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative in Latin America 
Mariah: BREXIT and the Meat Industry

The link for the second video that features:
Cynthia, Davin, Michaela, Michelle: Women’s Rights in Post-Genocide Rwanda
Sean & Nuvia: Looking Beyond Criminalization of Drugs 
Anu: Mongolia: Road to Global Market with Its Meat Products and Gaining Internationally Recognized National Identity

The link for the third video that features:
Jenn: Ocean Pollution and Travel 
Aaron & Eric: Impact of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East 
Jamen: China's Belt and Road initiative in Eastern Europe