Ryan Parker
M.S. • 2016 • Wunder Lab
Department of Integrative Biology

Interests: I received my BS from the University of Wyoming, earning degrees in Wildlife & Fisheries Biology & Management, and Environment & Natural Resources. During this time, I began an internship with the Forest Service (FS) on the Thunder Basin National Grassland. It has since turned into a full-time, seasonal position, and eventually connected me to the Wunder Lab here at UCD. My job with the FS largely focuses on black-tailed prairie dog and associated species (mountain plover, burrowing owl, and swift fox) management. Thus, my masters research here at UCD includes occupancy modeling for mountain plover, burrowing owl, and swift fox on prairie dog colonies, as well as analyzing overlap between nest and den distribution among the three species. My interests include grassland ecology, species-interactions, conservation, land management, and GIS.