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Ph.D. • Senior Instructor
Department of Integrative Biology

Mailing Address:
Department of Integrative Biology
Campus Box 171
P.O. Box 173364
Denver, CO 80217-3364


Physical Location:
1150 12th Street
SI 2071 F
Denver, CO 80204

Office Hours:

Campus is still closed, but I'm available for academic advising & for help in my classes. My Fall office hours will be Mon 10:00-Noon and Wed 9:00-4:00p --please email me if you want to make an appointment or Zoom during those times.  Keep safe & be well!

PLEASE NOTE: I can advise biology majors & minors. If you have questions about transfer credits, you must contact Dr. Regier (


Expertise Areas: Vertebrate zoology, especially the biogeography, ecology, and systematics of mammals.  My primary focus is on organismal biology, as shown by my upper-division courses in mammalogy, parasitology, and vertebrate zoology. My other interests include anatomy, behavior, and botany. 

Ph.d., Zoology, University of Florida, 1990
M.S., Biology, Fort Hays State University, 1982
B.A., Biology, Hastings College, 1979

Research interests: Major areas of interest include ecology and conservation, primarily of small mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. For my dissertation at the University of Florida, I examined the ecology of the Florida mouse, a threatened species endemic to Florida that often inhabits burrows of another threatened species, the gopher tortoise.

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Jones CA. 2002. Mammals of the James M. John and Lake Dorothey State Wildlife Areas, Las Animas County, Colorado. Proceedings of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Series 4, Number 3, 22 p.

Jones, CA, Preston CR. 2000. The role of the bald eagle as a flagship species for the Rocky Mountain Arsenal: from Superfund Site to wildlife refuge. Pp. 165-171, in Reflections of a naturalist: papers honoring Professor Eugene D. Fleharty. Fort Hays Studies, Fort Hays State University, Special Issue 1, 241 pp.

BIOL 2061: General Biology II
BIOL 3411: Principles of Ecology
BIOL3521: Vertebrate Biology
BIOL 4640/5640: Mammalogy