Published: June 7, 2022

The Department of Integrative Biology supports graduate students to disseminate their work by presenting at local, regional, national, and international professional meetings or at themed workshops. The maximum grant amounts are $500 for domestic travel and $750 for international travel (note: students may or may not receive the entire amount requested). Funds can be used for covering travel, registration, and/or per diem costs. Students are also encouraged to apply for travel funds through the College of Liberal Arts and SciencesImportant note: the college will not award travel support until students have received a departmental travel grant, meaning students should apply to the Integrative Biology travel grants before applying to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences travel awards).  

Upon completion of the meeting, students are required to write one paragraph describing their presentation (e.g., author, co-authors, meeting, location, implications of research) for the department’s E-Nouncements and the CLAS Dean’s Notes. 

Eligibility: All Integrative Biology graduate (M.S and Ph.D.) students completing a thesis or dissertation are eligible for one travel grant. While subsequent applications for a travel grant will be considered, they will be given lower priority. All travel must be in accordance with the University’s COVID related travel policy.

Application and required documents: The application form should be submitted by email to Molly O'Connor, along with the presentation abstract, advisor approval, and the student’s CV. Applications are due on 11/1/22 and 4/3/23. 

Evaluation Criteria: Priority will be given to fund students based on the following criteria (ordered from high to low priority):   

 1.Presenting research at conference/workshop  

 2.Students approaching graduation  

3.Travel that involves learning an important skill used in your research (but not presenting your research)  

4.Attending conference/workshop (but not presenting your research)  

5.Students that already received an IB travel grant