Published: May 20, 2016

By Emily Ferrufino-Coqueugniot

Photo of the Platte River

Image from Smiley's History of Denver, from the Collection of Dr. Rebecca Hunt

When Auraria was still a neighborhood, there were several schools available for the local children. On the West side of Auraria, where the athletic fields are now located, there was the Union Sabbath School (near Market and 10th) and a Public School (near Market and 12th), both opened by Owen J. Goldrick. The Union Sabbath School was a Sunday school opened on October 3, 1859, open for all denominations and sects. It began with thirteen students under the direction of Professor Goldrick. Goldrick was one of Colorado's first teachers, becoming the founder of the public school system. In 1861, there was a push for the opening of a public school.

Photo of Mr. Goldrick

 Image of O.J. Goldrick from Smiley's History of Denver