Published: May 19, 2016

By Emily Ferrufino-Coqueugniot

Photo of the Lindell Hotel

An image of the Lindell Hotel from Smiley's History of Denver

The Lindell Hotel was once a well-respected hotel in Auraria and Denver, located at Eleventh and Larimer, a site which is now the Athletic Field on the west side of campus. It was once one of the biggest structures in town. Originally it was a trade store opened by the J.B. Doyle Company. When it opened the store had $30,000 worth of goods for sale. At the time the building contained a grocery store, a beer hall, a barber shop, and other businesses. Part of the hotel was razed in 1953. Image of the Lindell Hotel courtesy of Smiley's History of Denver 


Photo of historic Denver Campus

View of the modern campus, showing some of the areas near the Lindell Hotel. From the collection of the Denver Public Library

In 1891, the hotel was accused of operating a bar within 500 feet of the Washington School. By 1949, a Denver Post article claimed that the hotel was one of only three buildings in Auraria built before 1860 still standing on its original site.