Meng Li, PhD
Associate Professor
Health and Behavioral Sciences

Office Location:
North Classroom 3023B

Office Hours:
By appointment

Ph.D, 2012, Rutgers University (Social Psychology)
M.S., 2008, Rutgers University (Social Psychology)
M.S., 2005, University of Alabama at Birmingham (Basic Medical Research)
B.S., 2002, Beijing Unviversity (Medicine)

Melnick, E. & Li, M. (in press). Nudging 3-5 year olds towards fruit and vegetable consumption through plate design. JAMA Pediatrics

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Li, M & Tracer, D. (Eds.) (2017). Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Fairness, Equity, and Justice. Switzerland: Springer.

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HBSC 7061: Quantitative Methods in Health and Behavioral Sciences​
​PBHL 3030: Health Policy​
PBHL/ECON/PSYC 3050: Decision Making (taught at International College of Beijing)