Course proposals shall be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Educational Policies and Curriculum Committee (EPCC). The subcommittee consists of the chair of the EPCC and 3-4 voting members of EPCC each semester.

New Course Proposal Form

Course Revision Form

New Course Proposals

New course proposals should be submitted with a complete Course Proposal/Revision Form, and a proposed syllabus that includes topics of discussion, planned readings and resources, assignments/assessments, grading scale, and (for courses offered at more than one level – i.e., 4000/5000) the difference in expectations, assignments and grading for students at each level.

For gtPATHWAYS or UCD Core designation, additional approval will be required after EPCC review and approval is obtained.  See Core Curriculum and General Education Requirements coordinated by the Office of Undergraduate Experiences.

Course Revisions

Course revisions should be submitted with a complete Course Proposal/Revision Form, and should include a rationale for the revision.

Planning Ahead

Materials must be submitted seven (7) days prior to the next EPCC meeting by the department chair or program director to the CLAS Dean’s Office staff liaison for the EPCC. Submission and approval by the department chair or program director confirms that the proposal has been reviewed and approved at the department and/or program level.

Courses with an interdisciplinary prefix (e.g. HUMN, SSCI) must be reviewed by an interdepartmental committee. Names and departments of the committee members must be listed on the "reviewed by committee" section (#14) of the course proposal form. In addition, the chairs of each of the departments of the discipline must send an email to the dean's office giving their department's approval for the proposal.

Course proposals and revisions submitted for EPCC review in a fall term will be effective the summer or fall term of the following year; submissions made in a spring term will be effective the spring term of the following year.