A certificate in American Indian Studies acknowledges students who have made a significant effort to learn about American Indian cultures. It is designed to appeal to undergraduate students with a background in any major. The certificate is also targeted to non-degree seeking professionals who seek to increase their skill sets. This certificate will allow students to obtain knowledge about contemporary and historical American Indian communities. Such study creates more culturally aware citizens who can be successful in their educational, work, and community environments.

Required Courses: 12 credit hours (4 courses)

  1. ETST 3036 American Indian Cultural Images (Core Cultural Diversity course, offered fall semester)
  2. ETST 3110 Indigenous Studies (Core International Perspectives course, offered every semester).
  3. ETST 3396 American Indian History (offered spring semester)
  4. ETST 3939 Internship or ETST 4840 Independent Study (contact Dr. Martinez to enroll, offered every semester, students must have previously completed at least one of the required courses)

Application Procedure

Students should email the Faculty Advisor, Dr. Martinez to enroll, indicating the student’s name, student ID number, major, and expected degree graduation date. If you are a non-degree seeking student, you will need to complete the Application for Non-Degree Admission through the Office of Admissions. After your application for admission has been approved, you will be able to enroll for UC Denver certificate courses.

Students who have completed the required coursework can forward an application checklist for the certificate to Dr. Martinez. Once student transcripts are reviewed, the certificate will be processed and mailed or scheduled for pick up at the end of the semester after final grades are posted.

Checklist of Courses


Department Scholarships

Two $500 Martinez scholarships are offered annually to American Indian Studies Certificate or Track students.


Denver American Indian Community

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Donna Martinez, Professor, Ethnic Studies

Gracie RedShirt Tyon, Director of American Indian Student Services

What can I do with a certificate in American Indian Studies?

Students of American Indian Studies go on to successful careers in administration, advising, academics, advocacy, the arts, business, community outreach, consulting, education, government, health or health education, journalism, politics, school counseling, and many more careers. Students also continue on to graduate school in a variety of disciplines.

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Grade and Residency Requirements

A minimum grade of a C or higher must be earned in each of the four courses completed as part of the certificate. All credits for the certificate must be earned at the UC Denver Downtown campus.